School Days Series

  • Chapter 1: Crossing the Line- When threaten to get kicked out of school, Blake takes the offense on his teacher.
  • Chapter 2: Explanation- The story of how the teacher got a heart attack; not a easy story for Blake O'Brian to explain to his family.
  • Chapter 3: Potition- Wording out the school food, Dana and Mellisa drag Blake in to help support them.
  • Chapter 4: Mellisa and Dana- Preparing for a end of semester Exam. But studying with two girls who like you, not really easy.
  • Chapter 5: Noob- A new student comes to Greenwall High School and becomes easy prey for the bullies and the gangsters.
  • Chapter 6: Long Live the King- When Andrew Peevee (new student) is confronted by a gang, blood would rain upon the school.
  • Chapter 7: The Tell-Tale Heart of Andrew Peevee- After his kill of the leader of the gang, Andrew tells his new friends: Blake, Mellisa, and Dana what he had done.
  • Chapter 8: Judgement- after hearing his tale; Blake, Mellisa, and Dana decide "Not gulity". But wasn't only Andrew's new friends who heard the tale

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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Fall Where?

i smell, ugh, dog shit! What the hell is wrong with this scence already? Well, i stand here in a locker room, ass naked boys walking pass me laughing their heads off like jackles. Throwing Axe cans at each other, sending fumes of chocalate, Clix, and other odors into the air.
There was a poping sound and i hissed, looking behind me, staring at the kid who popped me on the neck. Pain shot through my body and furry was covering it over, like glaze over a donut. He ran off, laughing with the other guys and i just sneered, running my neck. The kid who had popped suddenly slipped and i chorttled as the smack of skin on hard tile and water made contact on his back.
He screamed and i shouted, "Serves you, you fucking BASTARD! Didn't your mommy tell you not to run on hard, wet surfaces?"

I was already out, a trickle of blood running down my neck. The kid who had popped me had metal on the tip of his towel and hurt like hell.

{Ill come back to this story when i get a stronger movement to this.}


The World is Changing!

The World is Changing!
Smart and straight to the point. He's like a little boy with a large vocabulary. He's the nicest character Jackie's meet and he gets along with her.


Blake O'Brian

Blake O'Brian







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